Amie Eipers, LCSW, C.H., Licensed Clinical Social WorkerAmie Eipers, LCSW, C.H., Licensed Clinical Social Worker


Amie Eipers, LCSW Testimonials"Amie has been there for the ups and downs. I always appreciate how real she is and that she gets on my level—providing a non judgmental, calm and insightful perspective. I’m beyond grateful for her support through my therapy journey."
- Deanna S.

"Amie is an absolute wonderful therapist, and person. She has been essential in the major improvements in my anxiety. She has also greatly helped me cope with recent health struggles."
- Courtney B.

"I began working with Amie after I left the treatment center, and I am very thankful for that opportunity. Amie has helped me maintain a commitment to my healing and growth. She is warm and knowledgeable and has provided me with the tools necessary to uphold a healthy lifestyle. I always look forward to sessions with Amie; I feel calm, at ease, and natural when sharing with her. I highly recommend reaching out if you are seeking help."
- Ruby A.

"Amie is an extremely insightful and a down-to-earth therapist. Working with Amie has greatly improved my mental health by decreasing my overall stress and anxiety. Amie has helped me process past trauma and identify triggers in present day. She has helped me identify my negative thought processes and assisted me in changing theses unhealthy patterns. I look forward to her sessions and am grateful to have found such a wonderful therapist!"
- Rouhiya H.

"Working with Amie offered me a chance to safely and honestly explore issues which I had been ignoring for so many years. She is straightforward and compassionate. Her intuitive style is assuring. In my first few sessions, I was able to have hope for the future. She always tries to be flexible with her schedule which is appreciated. She has allowed me to have a safe environment to discuss anything and everything without judgment. Looking forward to continuing this journey with her help!"
- Erica M.

"It is my pleasure to recommend Amie Eipers. Amie has helped me in a time of need, and still helps to this day. I have found Amie to be caring and respectful, as well as passionate about her work. Amie was able to help me navigate a clear path  through the complexities of life and work.  Amie has dedicated herself to enriching the lives of others, and she has definitely enriched mine."
- Gary S.

"Amie's positive guidance and warm presence has shined a light of hope on some of the most challenges times of my life. These past few years have included several seasons of change, vulnerability and growth, and with that can come shades of heartbreak, loss, and grief. However, with Amie’s support, I have found mindful ways to process a multitude of situations and have learned how to trek ahead in the face of the unknown, more boldly and bravely than I could have managed on my own. Through conversation with Amie, I have discovered enlightening thoughts, silver linings, and gems of hope in my unique story, during moments when it would have been much easier to see the dark. I am incredibly thankful for her encouragement, wisdom, humor, and genuine care. Her passion for wellness on all levels reaches the hearts and minds of her clients, and I am very grateful for all of her support on my healing journey."
- Sara R.

"Life brings with it many challenges, sometimes too much for us to handle on our own. I have seen Amie during these times for the last seven years and have found each and every session to be beneficial. She is an extraordinary counselor! I am thankful for the guidance she provided when I needed her the most! Unlike some therapists, she is real and she shares that with her clients. That is what made me want to open up to her and use the advice she provided. I highly recommend Amie!"
- Keri J.

"We all need help and support from others sometimes. I decided to call my EAP and they recommended Amie Eipers and she has been a BLESSING. I am a single parent, dealing with the challenges of life and raising a teenage daughter (which, I must say, has been the most difficult and overwhelming time for me), but, with your guidance, you have not only helped me, but my daughter, as well. You have taught her coping skills and how to deal with emotional pain and stress. I thank Amie; if it wasn't for her "keeping it real" (using a direct approach), her willingness to listen, and her kindness, I know that my relationship with my daughter would have been a wreck by now. Thank you!!
- Kima H."

"Amie Eipers has been an asset to my life. Realizing, in terms of how to make changes, has never been easier."
- Sharon P.

"I would like to take a moment to offer praise and my sincerest appreciation to Amie Eipers. I was going through a very difficult time in my life, caused by a relationship that ended abruptly. The weeks that followed evolved into a depressive state. I sought outside counseling and met Amie. The months that followed were not only productive, but enlightening as I learned more about me than I thought I would. While the road to recovery was fairly long, Amie's likeable and easy going personality, coupled with her professional work ethic, made that road more easily traveled. I can honestly state that any prospective client would greatly benefit from Amie's level of expertise. As a man who is reluctant to "open up" regarding personal matters, I can say that the hardest part of the whole process was picking up the phone."
- Dave S.